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Cheap Dyson Vacuum Cleaners - Looking for e new vacuum cleaner then buy a Dyson. Dyson are the best and most powerfull home vaccum cleaners on the UK market and you will not be disapointed.

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Buy your Dyson direct from the manufacurer and get the right Dyson cylinder or upright cleaner for you and also get a free 5 years guarantee.


Cheap Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson scientists were determined to create vacuum cleaners with even higher suction. So they set to work developing an entirely new type of cyclone system. They discovered that a smaller diameter cyclone gives greater centrifugal force. So they developed a way of getting 45% more suction than a Dual Cyclone and removing more dust, by dividing the air into 8 smaller cyclones, hence the name Root 8Cyclone.

All Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are baglass and have the best vacuum suction of any vacuum cleaner currently available.

Dyson have the following range of vacuum cleaners:

Upright Models
DC33 Multi Floor, DC33 Stubborn, DC33 Animal, DC24 DRAWING - Limited Edition, DC25 The Ball DRAWING - Limited Edition, DC25 The Ball Multi Floor Exclusive, DC27 Animal, DC27 All Floors, DC25 Animal, DC25 Multi Floor, DC24 Multi Floor, DC14 Tool kit, DC14 All Floors, DC07 Precision, DC18 All Floors and more.

DC26 Multi Floor, DC22 Multi Floor, DC32 Animal, DC23T2, DC19T2 Animal, DC19T2, DC23 Motorhead, DC22 Animal, DC23 Allergy, DC19 Tool Kit

DC30, DC31, DC31 Animal, DC16 Car and Boat, DC16 Animal, DC16.